A peerless smile is often associated with beauty, strength and success. But through tooth disease, predisposition, general lack of care or other external influences, your teeth and gums can be affected. Discover our various treatment methods to correct these discrepancies, and bring your peerless smile back. 
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Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile is subject to personal opinion and depends on several factors. In any case, it creates a person’s first impression and affects their appearance compared to others.

Dentistry uses exact aesthetic guidelines such as optimal tooth position and ideal gum colour to create a harmonious smile. Teeth and gums are often affected by illness, predisposition, lack of appropriate care or external influences.

That’s why dentistry offers specific treatment methods to correct these deficiencies.
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Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure fot gentle brightening of natural teeth which uses active oxygen. This changes the colour of nuisance tooth pigments while the enamel and dentin remain unaffected. Not everyone has naturally bright white teeth. New techniques in dentistry allow the whitening of the teeth without causing them damage. Existing crowns and bridges cannot be lightened with bleach, however. An alternative to bleaching are veneers or a type of ceramic which surrounds the tooth. They also produce very pleasing aesthetic results.
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Home Bleaching

Teeth bleaching can be done at home with the use of a splint. This individual dental splint is made by a dental technician based on an impression so that it fits the patient’s dental arch exactly. You can apply our mild gel to your splint at home and allow it to sit for a few hours. Treatment times may vary but it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to see results.
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Power Bleaching

Power bleaching is another alternative which may only be performed in a dental clinic. For this option, the high-concentration gel is applied , activated by light and monitored. There are three separate treatments lasting 20 minutes each. The results are checked after each treatment to be certain they match the patient’s request. It is also possible to whiten theeth individually using power bleaching.
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Just like teeth, nice, healthy gums are an important factor for a beautiful smile. Improper treatment often caused by incorrect brushing with a stiff brush or inflammation caused by parodontitis can lead to receding gums. Idiosyncrasis, such as a gummy smile that shows too much gum, may be perceived as aesthetically disturbing and impairing a beautiful smile. These problems can be solved in our clinic using periodontal treatment.

A gummy smile often means the gums show too much of the tooth crown and makes them look short. It can also be because of a short upper lip or long facial structure. In many cases, a laser can gently remove excess tissue to comfortably restore a harmonious tooth shape.

Receding gums are often caused by improper brushing with stiff bristles and are not to be confused with inflamed gums. The treatment can be carried out by means of microsurgical gum construction with or without gum grafts. Receding gums caused by periodontal disease combined with bone atrophy can lead to unsightly black holes between the teeth and gums; it can even lead to pronunciation problems! In many cases, these black holes can be filled in with suitably designed ceramic crowns or veneers. If bone atrophy has gone too far, there is a surgical procedure for gum restructuring but its results are unreliable. You could also try a removable gum mask as an alternative solution. After taking impressions, an ultra-thin plastic gum-coloured mask is constructed in the dental laboratory which matches your teeth precisely. This gum mask won’t cause any discomfort when worn. It can be easily removed to brush your teeth and replaced afterwards.
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Veneers are almost transparent, completely metal-free ceramic material which cover your teeth and give the visual surfaces of your teeth a perfect, flawless look. Veneers also correct slightly misaligned teeth, missing teeth, unsatisfactory tooth colour and local discolouration. They’re completely natural in appearance and are designed in a dental lab with the patient specifically in mind.
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Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery consists of small gemstones that use a special bonding technique to adhere to the teeth. It does not damage the teeth and they can always be removed without leaving a mark.